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Why design and make Cinderella stamps ? (Read 4862 times)
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Re: Why design and make Cinderella stamps ?
Reply #15 - Jan 29th, 2013, 1:58am
Why do I create my own Cinderellas?

Well as a kid I was a stamp collector, then I became a philatelist (of sorts). That went on a few years. Then I sort of discovered Cinderellas and swapped allegiance from Machin definitives and Caribbean islands to British local posts and other non-postal stamps. Why? I think Cinderellas just offered new horizons that were away from the mainstream. But real life, including a family and other hobbies intervened. My interest was reawakened after reading Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal and discovering that stamps from this fictional world were available. And not only were they so redolent of the classic stamps of my youth (thanks Colin and Alan), but they related directly to the book in question and the other books from the Discworld canon. Not only that, there was big bundle of fun in many of these offerings. They mixed philately and Cinderellas, with a big dose of humour.

Then back in 2008 my health started a decline. I got lethargic, lost my appetite, got breathless on exertion, and after a while the quacks homed in on my problem. It got to the stage where after a 50 yard walk I’d need a sit down to get my breath back. So for quite a while before, and after the surgery that cured me, I was confined to the settee where I would nod off, or in front on my PC looking at Cinderella stamps. After seeing quite a range of Fantasy stamps and local posts and all the rest I came to the conclusion that I could do that. And in some case I could do better.

I toyed around with various ideas. A fictional land that had a history and geography and people. That background just didn’t gel. It didn’t justify making the stamps. I played with real life ideas. Inspired by Gerald King’s Tudor stamps I did some designs for the Stuart kings and Queens. I was pleased with these, but it was just a copy of Gerry’s idea. I did a set of stamps marking the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. Again I was pleased with these, but by the time I had done it, it was too late. The anniversary had passed. And continuing a series of space anniversaries would not stretch my imagination, and have a lot of black backgrounds. I also needed a decent printer.

Then I had the idea of a basing my fantasy stamps in a real place. Wales to be precise. Its where I live though not where I was born. So perfect for taking a few liberties with. I didn’t want to keep treading the same old ground all the time, so why not do a series of stamp issues comprising the range and scope of Cinderella stamps? I could choose a subject, fictionalise it, choosing a period, and add a fictional backstory, based on some fact, to each issue. So since August 2009 I have created a small number of stamps on virtually a monthly schedule.

By now (issue 40) this series has covered most areas of Cinderella collecting. Railway letter post, local posts (each with their own specific differences), officials, tourist labels, poster stamps, air post, political labels, stamps of Druid courts etc etc. Included have been my own bogus inventions, the Welsh Regional commemoratives valid for postage only within Wales, and stamps inspired from the Louie Knight / Aberystwyh novels of Malcolm Pryce. If you haven’t read these then do it now. Who could ignore an author who could dream up Snuff Philately!!! And as a response to some collectors I made full sheets of some issues available.

The purpose of these stamps was not to make a profit. They would be sold at roughly cost price. Somewhere along the line this went wrong, but I do have a couple of outstanding payments to come in!! The idea was to give me something to do instead of daytime TV (who watches that crap?), hopefully entertain subscribers to the issues, and demonstrate the scope of Cinderella collecting; and possibly inspire others to do likewise. After issue 40 I still have some ideas in the pipeline without having to re-tread old ground. I restarted work after a 13 month sick leave, and still found time to continue them, and semi-retired last year. Ironically I find I have less time for them than I did. But I have been more active in some other related fields of the hobby.

The Welsh Oddities won’t continue forever. As soon as new ideas fail that will be it. But fantasy issues in one guise or another will happen
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Re: Why design and make Cinderella stamps ?
Reply #16 - Jan 15th, 2014, 12:09pm
Is this a cinderella?
It was issued by Singapore Post , but not for postal purposes & it doesnt come under any of the other categories.
A set of stamps & a miniature sheet were issued to commemorate the occasion, but this little sheet was a gift to subscribers & not sold at the PO.
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