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1  Down in the Shed / What Else do You Do? / Re: Phillumeny
 on: Yesterday at 9:16am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
A matchbox label of Среди доаинш Ровиьія - Among the pre-ancestors of Rovinj

2  Postcards & Postal Cards / Show Your Postcards Here / Re: Postcards - Post your scans of Postcards here!
 on: Mar 12th, 2018, 10:11am 
Started by BasSWarwick | Post by Feebletodix  
A postcard of St Paul's Church, Old Charlton sent Charlton Kent SP 19 1904.
...A postcard of St Paul's Church, Old Charlton sent Charlton Kent SP 19 1904.

3  Stamps & Covers / Member Questions / Re: US Stamp thoughts please
 on: Mar 8th, 2018, 11:38pm 
Started by Stamppad1 | Post by Stamppad1  
Thank you Feebletodix and Sherro for your replies.

I am going to give it a good wash and get rid of the three hinges on the back. I assume that these are safe to wash.

I have spent hours trying to find a driver for my USB microscope. Apparently it is not compatible with my new computer.
I will fire up my old laptop and see if I can have a good look at the paper. I am not sure now if it is even wove.
When I am sure of the facts I may take you up on your offer Sherro.

4  My Collection / My Collection / Re: My Collection of Stamp Albums
 on: Mar 8th, 2018, 3:49am 
Started by Stamppad1 | Post by Stamppad1  
This one is from Seven Seas Stamps.


5  General Category / General Board / Re: British Postmarks
 on: Mar 6th, 2018, 10:18am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
A metal double ring cancel from Hunstanton RSO Norfolk 18 JY 1906.

6  General Category / General Board / Re: That's it. It's too quiet
 on: Mar 5th, 2018, 10:10am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
A potted history of Syria.

France made Turkey split into two coutries and the Alaouites were left in charge.

Fast forward to just prior to outbreak of violence. Three years before. For those three years there was a drought during which the central authorities did nothing.

This lack of help meant the farmers migrated to the cities because there were amenities there. Both the locals and the farmes were unhappy and became vocal in their demands that the government do something.

The government started attacking its own population. Various factions sprang up and the extremists took control of a large area.

To the surprise of many Turkey sent an armoured column into Syria to recover the remains of Kemal Ataturk. They were not attacked by the extremists.

Recently a journalist who uncovered the extremists were freely crossing into Turkey also published evidence of Turkish state services knowledge of the whereabouts of active extremist agents. The journalist is currently in jail for publishing this.

Now that most of the extremists are gone Turkey is now waging a war against the Kurdish people in Syria. Apparently any of them who picked up a weapon and defended themselves is a terrorist. The Syrian army sent forces to help the Kurdish militia and they have been shelled by Turkey.

Russia uses modern technology that Al Assad doesn't have to locate and bomb the hospitals the civilians have been using. Four in four days last week.

The refugees will probably never make it back. Some might but the damage is too much to repair quickly enough before they get settled elsewhere.

7  Down in the Shed / New Cinderella Board / Re: Isle of Vue 2018
 on: Mar 3rd, 2018, 10:37pm 
Started by Steve | Post by Steve  
Sherro wrote on Feb 28th, 2018, 9:24am:
I feel for the archaeologists of the future who search their maps in vain looking for the Isle of Vue!


8  Stamps & Covers / Specific Philatelic Subjects / Re: Sydney views forgery
 on: Mar 3rd, 2018, 10:51am 
Started by Stamppad1 | Post by Sherro  
Such an obvious forgery to waste money on

9  Stamps & Covers / Specific Philatelic Subjects / Re: Modern Misperforations
 on: Feb 28th, 2018, 2:53am 
Started by Sherro | Post by Sherro  
1973 7c Christmas


10  My Collection / My Collection / Re: John's rubbish treasure
 on: Feb 16th, 2018, 7:36am 
Started by john66251 | Post by john66251  

This time Christchurch

11  My Collection / My Collection / Re: john66251 collection
 on: Feb 15th, 2018, 12:11pm 
Started by john66251 | Post by john66251  

And the last one for now, again from Harris Scarfe Ltd, dated 22 Feb 54 with 'Taylor's Paints' logo

12  Down in the Shed / What Else do You Do? / Re: Crypto Currency Trading
 on: Feb 15th, 2018, 12:07pm 
Started by Sherro | Post by Sherro  
You can buy a travel book from Amazon, book your holiday on Expedia, buy your new laptop from Dell, and book your space flight on Virgin Galactic. All with Bitcoin. If it's good enough for those companies..........

13  Down in the Shed / What Else do You Do? / Re: The Night Mage, a longer story
 on: Feb 13th, 2018, 11:05am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
The backdoor to the kitchen complex of the caterers to the Immortals, Demi-Gods and other places was an imposition, which eventually proved mutually beneficial. A large number of portals were created before he found himself in need of  The Pantry, Auntie Pat’s Pantry, an abduction of the kitchen. From where was a good question nobody asked the spirit who inhabited the immense storerooms. The Night Mage had quietly entered and made his way to the workbench and an incarnation of the spirit materialised. “Hello, collection or delivery?”
“Neither, yet, not sure what I need nor how much, I was hoping for a little guidance.”
“Well, lets see.” And the spirit thickened up and manifested a larger portion of itself into a human form, middle aged and nearly respectable. “Now start with what you think you need.”
“I am about to build a mobile army field kitchen for a customer. Amongst the many components requested are spice jars. The jars are no problem but what the contents should be is a heated topic of discussion. Next door always seem to be busy so rather than disrupt them I came to see what I could find out about herbs, spices and condiments. The customer isn’t actually an army, a traders caravan, but that is what the wagon is called.”
“Human, so that narrows it down immensely, I think we can help, there are a couple of adventurers packs, however you are in good flavour next door.  Make your jars and bring them here to complete the spells, it will keep everything fresh.”
“Thank you, that is far more than I had hoped”
“You are welcome” as the spirit fades and the smells reassert themselves making him sneeze.
The completion of the spice jars coincided nicely with the coachbuilder finishing his work. Only one of the containers held a mix of spices and that was marked as Chimera Curry Powder. Overall the kitchen was treasured for many generations.

Late in his academic career an incident with a crystalline entity left in solitary in complete darkness for an entire year. Once the last of the crystalline venom had died and been magically purged he could resume teaching but it would be another three years before he could handle diamonds without wearing gloves.

It was a long year spent in preparation. To find and carve the chest of malignantite was a highpoint in his career. Making an outer box on neutronium crystal fifteen atoms width and a perfect fit for the malignatite box was equally as demanding. Both of which had been made to contain an evil cursed object. Only malignatite could contain the object and prevent it from reaching out to find some creature to carry it. The neutronium was to hold the spells and make sure it endured being placed outside of the universe, in the gap.

An entire planet had endured the presence for too long and the Night Mage had been begged to find somewhere to put it out of any possible contact with any sentient alive or dead, anywhere. In the end an angel happened to be loitering and subtly reinforced his mind while he transported it, locked it into the chest, put the chest in the neutronium and sealed it shut in the heart of a star a few days before it became a supernova. Then he moved it out of the universe and into the gap and made sure it would not touch anything. He turned into a grey haired old man by the end. As a culmination of a career hiding the ‘Luger from the left hand of Lucifer” was no mean feat.

About a year later a new boy came to his attention and on an impulse mutters, “I gift to you my entropy field” thereby nominating his successor. Some while later while enjoying a glass of whisky and dozing in his armchair he was visited by Feebletodix, ostensibly to invite the Night Mage over for a meal. One look and he said “You need a feast come on over to the forge. Allow me.” Then conjured the portal. Feeling relieved he did not have to bother with the spell he got up slowly and entered the portal. At the forge he sat on a stool and looked at his hand on the table and realised he was as grey skinned as his hair, and that also summed up how he felt. With a smile he took the tankard of beer and slurped the froth. And did it taste good. A full mouthful left him somehow sated. Little by little as they talked and he drank the better his colour became better until the ambrosia was finished. Feebletodix asked “You do know you can’t go back now? One of us was keeping an eye on you because we figured ‘He’ would try and drag you down” The Night Mage nodded “Yes, that last portal damned near did me in on the spot.”

Gothrill distinctly remembered the day it all began, It was a simple spell and of itself or his own meagre barely trained powers. Pick a gem and focus upon it the scrying spell. In the next lesson the spell of levitation combined with the scrying spell, it did not work as intended, The captain of the guard was levitated as he inspected a parade of his men instead of the mannequin set up for the test.

When they sent for the Night Mage they found his corpse and the consensus of opinion of the senior mages was that the entropy field had passed to Gothrill. His schooling from this point on was unorthodox to say the least. His peers developed a healthy interest in good luck charms, protection and shielding spells.

The teachers were far more discreet and knowledgeable. Unobtrusive personal items of decoration became imbued with much more powerful spells. Tokens of office came back into everyday use. The headmaster while partaking of such measures himself admired the overall positive effect in the school. Cleaning up became a much more thoroughly  undertaken task often with a fanatical enthusiasm by those who had been on the receiving end.

14  Stamps & Covers / Specific Philatelic Subjects / Re: Early Austrian Perf Varieties
 on: Feb 13th, 2018, 9:56am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
Thanks Stamppad1, I am glad it may be of use. Smiley

15  Stamps & Covers / Specific Philatelic Subjects / Re: World of Engraved Stamps
 on: Feb 12th, 2018, 9:33am 
Started by MrBurin | Post by Feebletodix  
Sherro wrote on Feb 9th, 2018, 10:25am:
Here's my latest friend. Penny Black, intense black, plate 2, 3½ margins with a red Maltese Cross. Pretty, isn't she?


Only a teeny tiny bit jealous. Wink A nice addition.

16  My Collection / My Collection / Re: Treasures from the Stamp Pad
 on: Feb 11th, 2018, 6:53am 
Started by Stamppad1 | Post by Stamppad1  
Thanks Roos. I think it warrants a good wash and some further investigation.

17  My Collection / My Collection / Re: Why did you choose to collect what you do collect?
 on: Feb 9th, 2018, 7:23am 
Started by cuzzie | Post by Sherro  
My principal collection is KGV British Empire, which again has a definite start and end (1910-36). I fell in love with the stamps of the period, and decided it was worth bankrupting myself  Huh

18  Stamps & Covers / Stamp & Cover General Discussion / Re: My New Website
 on: Feb 8th, 2018, 10:45am 
Started by Sherro | Post by Sherro  
I've got another new website  Smiley  My own sales site at last.


19  Stamps & Covers / Specific Philatelic Subjects / Re: GB PPI Printed Postage Impressions Collection & Pre-Sort Agencies
 on: Feb 8th, 2018, 9:18am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
UK Mail, No class indicated, a 'delivered by Royal Mail' impression C9 10001 in silhouette.

20  Stamps & Covers / Specific Philatelic Subjects / Re: GB Printed Postage Impressions Royal Mail
 on: Feb 8th, 2018, 9:15am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
A Pharmacy2U cover delivered by Royal Mail and marked in the same manner as unsolicited advretising.

21  Stamps & Covers / Specific Philatelic Subjects / Re: GB Printed Postage Impression - Pictorial
 on: Feb 8th, 2018, 9:12am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
A pictorial cover from PPL

22  My Collection / My Collection / Re: Dinosaurs & Co.
 on: Jan 3rd, 2018, 8:30pm 
Started by paleophilatelist | Post by paleophilatelist  
Dear friends 2018 just beginn, perfect time to check stamps issue programs of postal authority around the world to see who and when is going to issue Paleontology or Paleoanthropology related stamps. So far I know about only few of it: http://www.paleophilatelie.eu/year/current.html#ann Unfortunately not every post authority publish their programs online and quite some who publish it not update it yet. In case you know/have any stamp issue plan not mentioned or outdated here: http://www.paleophilatelie.eu/postal_resources.htm please share it with me.

23  General Category / General Board / Re: FAO Orchid Lovers
 on: Dec 22nd, 2017, 10:37am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
This is part of what I got my dad for christmas this year.
A Dendrobium Orchid.

24  General Category / General Board / Re: Nightmare Tenants
 on: Nov 7th, 2017, 7:12am 
Started by Feebletodix | Post by Feebletodix  
Last night was a good one. The new tenants paid the deposit and signed the lease.
Smiley Smiley Smiley

It made me smile when Henrietta asked for the keys early to clean the place before they move in. That was a relief. Apparently men cannot clean anything properly. Roll Eyes

25  Important GOMC Things / New Members introduce yourself here / Brisbane Stamp and Coin Show
 on: Oct 26th, 2017, 11:17am 
Started by Philateena | Post by Philateena  
The 2017 Brisbane Stamp and Coin Show is nearly here.

The upcoming Brisbane Stamp and Coin Show to be held at QSAC (ANZ Stadium) Kessels Road, Mt Gravatt on the weekend of the 11th  and 12th November 2017 – starting 10.00 am each day.

The show shall be a great event for collectors of all ages:


•      28 Stamp and Coin dealers attending.

•      Limited Edition (#250) PNCs and Miniature Sheets on both days.

•      Special Cancels by Australia Post LPO on Sunday 12 November.

•      Collectors Market on Sunday 12 November, held separately to the Show Hall.

See website ‘Brisbanestampsandcoinshow.com’ for all details and contacts, or visit us on FaceBook.

We look forward to seeing you all at this important event.

Philip Gooding - BSCS 17 Organising Committee.